Welcome to RTS Digital Skill

The Information and Operational Convergence (Information Technology and Operative Technologies) is one of the trends for improving the performance and the management of the business information. Linking these technologies to economic benefits reduces project costs, risks and time by improving the analysis of information through the application of new technologies. 

With almost 20 years of experience in the market of industrial automation and control, being official integrators of multinational companies such as Honeywell and Osisoft, RTS Digital Skill as a technology solutions developer study forms of IT&OT integration using data collection, storage and data management software Database based on assets. 

This type of integration allows the company:

  • The commercial sectors exploit in real time the information generated by the TOs.
  • Release hours invested by plant engineers in manually collecting data from different control and monitoring systems.
  • Increase cybersquatting by sharing resources.
  • Early detection of conditions that could lead to equipment failure.
  • Greater transparency for environmental controls.

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