Digital and Technological Transformation to Keep your Business Moving On. Disruptive solutions in the new technology age.

Digital and Technological Transformation to Keep your Business Moving On.
What we do

What we do

We combine our interdisciplinary skills to create digital and technologic solutions that impact positively on your business. Integrating our expertise on the field of engineering, marketing, design, industry, among others, to provide smart and innovating solutions to every kind of clients, from oil and gas companies to e-commerce companies (see our client list below).

Our departments

In 20 years of experience, we realized that the best way to show how we work and who we are, it is creating a split of our two business departments known as "Automation and Control" and "Digital Skills."



Is mainly devoted to providing hardware solutions. As a Honeywell LTD partner, we implement thirds parties solutions to a lot of companies around the world. Exploitation fields: Oil and gas, mining, cellulose plants, thermoelectric plants, among others.

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Is mainly devoted to provide digital solutions to reach business transformations. Partners like OSIsoft LTD empower the quality of our services and our scope. Application fields: SAS development, apps, business intelligence, IT - OT convergence, data analysis (assets identification and mining), digitalization of business (implementation of disruptive technology to new business models), counseling to "tech startups" (modeling and development), among others.

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BI Glasses

PI Glasses

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Our Clients

SpinParking MEGA BOTNIA ENSI Tecpetrol
Repsol YPF YPF Honeywell Tecnicas Reunidas

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