Automations & Controls

Automation and Control department was founded with the mission of covering industrial necessities in automation, control and process monitoring. We solve interconnection problems between data and equipment signals. In consonance with our Digital Skills department, we create “IT & OT Convergence” that performs integration of operation technologies with IT systems.

Our priority is to provide high-quality service to our clients. We implement this policy entirely in each level: from management toward all those people who form part of A&C department. We are caring about environment and security as mail axes of our job. We focus on set strategical partnerships with each client. No matter the size or nature of the project, we focus on reach maximum benefit in minimum time possible.

We create engineering solutions
for all type of industries
Specific tasks (among others):


Sequences and Logical Configuration of Honeywell Master PLC, Control Edge and HC900 systems and Rockwell PLC and Controller Systems.

Configuration and Start Up of Rockwell and Honeywell SCADA Systems.

Configurations of Honeywell DSC:  TPS and PKS Systems.

Design and Configuration of Honeywell Safety Manager Systems.

Reverse engineering of third-party equipment for PLC or DCS migration to Honeywell PKS or Safety Manager System.

FAT, SAT, Commissioning and Start up of Honeywell Control Systems and Safety Manager Systems.

Migration, upgrade and update of Honeywell Systems.

Acquisition of information in real time for data analysis to increase security and profitability.


Customized solutions and developments.


Our experience allowed us to participate along with our partners in projects all around the world, bringing solutions to the most diverse markets of actual industry, integrating first class systems, as for example: Honeywell, Rockwell Automation, among others.

Throughout our history, our experience and reliability allowed us to participate in projects all around the world: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada, Spain, and Finland.

    Uruguay – Fray Bentos

    Development of HMI display and configuration of the cellulose plant engineering using Experion PKS R301. Implementation in Uniformance PHD of the historical data of the process in real time. Configuration of approximately 6000 control loops using profibus an fieldbus control network. FAT, SAT and startup of the entire Control project. Duration: 22 months.

    Ecuador - Block 16

    The project initially aimed to migrate the SCADA systems of 5 plants located in block 16 in Ecuador to PlantScape R500 and then with another project to carry out the Experion PKS migration.

    FAT, SAT, start up for both systems for more than 250 displays and 5000 points, including many Foundation Fieldbus devices.

    Cartagena Refinery – C10 Proyect Spain.

    Automation of water treatment plant:

    Design and implementation of control logic, interlock and operational sequences of plant in HPMs.

    Programming of sequences using CL language in the control module.

    Design of HMI Web screens. Configuration of the database for more than 2500 points. FAT, SAT and PM.

    Cartagena Refinery

    Modifications of the control logic and implementation of sequences of the Coker and development of customized HMI graphics for the sequence.

    Graphic migration from TDC3000 to HMIweb using Orion consols.

    Development of migration and reverse engineering from PLC to SM for the areas of Benseno, Unifung, Gas Oil, Craker and Toping.

    Development of all process graphics. Configuration, FAT and start up of the substitution project of the propylene turbine.

    Huelva - España

    Graphical migration from TDC3000 to HMIWeb for the Energy Unit

    Implementation of the configuration, FAT, SAT and Start up of the Safety Manager and Experion PKS of the PSA-PQ hydrogen recovery unit, FCC Unit and Aromax unit.

    Gibraltar - España

    Implementation of the modifications, FAT, SAT and Start up of the Safety Manager for the Alkylation Unit and for the Compressors.

    Implementation of the sequence in Experion PKS of the Oxygen Removal Unit (ORU).

    Calgary – Canada
    Scotford Upgrade Expansion I - Athabaska Oil Sand

    Implementation of the SIS of the sulfur recovery plant in Edmonton, Canada, in the bituminous sand fields.

    Configuration of databases and functional emergency applications, BMS sequences and fire and gas protection system.

    Three Safety Manager controllers interconnected with the Experion PKS system were used for more than 1500 wired I/O.


    PDVSA is one of the most important oil producers in the world. The objective of the project was to standardize the different types of commercial fuels produced in 13 plants in Venezuela.

    Different fuels were eliminated from production and replaced by new types of fuels. The fuel had to be distributed by the existing pipes when the commercial launch was made throughout the country. The necessary configurations and adjustments were made to the SCADA PKS gas distribution system. The startup was made online with the simultaneous injection of all types of fuels into the supply lines.

    Venezuela - ALKY II - CRP Complex

    Migration of logics and sequences from TPS to Experion R301 for an alkylation plant in the Paraguaná Refining Complex.

    Migration of Picture Editor schematic to HMIWeb.

    Marshaling / FTA TPS wiring supervision.

    Support in FAT and Commissioning.

  • Polirresina
    San Luis - Argentina

    Installation, configuration and commissioning of PlantScape Process R200 System. Control strategy configuration (regulatory, logical, split range, and so on).

    Migration of the DCS PlantScape R200 system to Experion R211. Firmware update in controllers and communication cards, architecture change in communication networks to Modbus TCP in third-party devices.

    Project of incorporation into the existing DCS system of three new reactors: R9, R10 and R11. Design, provision of materials and assembly of boards of the new controller and I/O chassis. Provision of field instrumentation. FAT, SAT and Commissioning of the R11 reactor.

  • Polirresina
    Pilar - Buenos Aires - Argentina

    Provision, Design and configuration of the Experion LX R120 (first in Latin America) system of the new Poliresinas Pilar plant, that will have more than 1000 physical I/O distributed in different sectors of the plant.

    Provision, Design and configuration of a Control Edge R140 PLC for the automation of cold rooms, fusion cameras and cold generation.

  • MEGA S.A Company
    Bahía Blanca and Neuquén - Argentina

    MEGA he jointly owned company of YPF, Petrobras and Dow Chemical, adds value to natural gas through separation and fractionation into rich components for the petrochemical industry.

    Honeywell TPS was configured for process control and FSC as an instrumented security system for more than 2500 I / O, with its associated logic and sequences, including than 130 complex loops and 180 HMI Display. The intermediate pumping stations of the 500 km gas pipeline, connecting Loma La Lata and Bahia Blanca, were also configured. The FAT, SAT and startup of the systems were carried out in both locations. Duration of the Project: 18 months.

  • ENSI
    Neuquen - Argentina
    Industrial Heavy Water Plant

    Owned by the National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina, it produces virgin reactor-grade heavy water, a strategic product for nuclear power plants powered by natural uranium. Migrate the existing TPS system to Experion PKS R201. The project included: 6 HPM, 2300 physical I / O and 2000 using serial communication. Configuration of HMI display and 12 work stations. FAT, SAT, Start UP and Training.

  • Pan American Energy Apache Corp.
    Yacimiento San Sebastián - Tierra del Fuego - Argentina

    Design and configuration of the hardware and software that control the emergency stop systems of four gas batteries.

    Field systems were centralized to Rockwell Automation ControlLogix, such as Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC, Bristol Babcock RTU and Net Flow Oil Computers.

    The HMI and the database were set up in Experion PKS. Through the typical security and their cause / effect matrixes, the emergency stop and fire and gas protection applications were configured. SAT, FAT and start up in hot cutover mode.

  • Pan American Energy
    Tartagal - Salta - Argentina

    Upgrade LTT: Reconfiguration of the SLC500 sw Rockwell PLCs and Honeywell SCADA Experion R210 System.

    Upgrade well San Pedrito SPe3/SPe4: Reconfiguration of Rockwell SLC503 Redundant PLCs, Panel View 550 and Honeywell SCADA Experion R210 System.

    New well gas Macueta MAC1006: Commissioning in the field Macueta, implemented with redundant Logix Control of Rockwell, Panel View Touch Screen PV600 and SCADA System Honeywell Experion R210.

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Laboratory architecture for project development

Our equipped and licenced laboratory allows our professionals to train constantly and so to maintain high skills. A&C uses this advantage for remote assistance in the project when programming, configuration and testing of applications, Data bases and schematics is required. We are proud of efficiency. All our professionals have access to laboratory and its resources, among which are: