Digital transformation
& Business Intelligence
with PI System

Benefits from IT/OT Convergency
for all type of industries

A business digital transformation represents a huge opportunity for innovation and competitive advantages. This requires to rethink the entire business organization: cultural, strategic, technologic and operational changes, where processes take a fundamental role among with data. Some new technologies such as Big Data and IoT force organizations to "move faster" and stay on guard for digital transformations.

Integrating the Operational Technology (OT) with the Information Technology (IT), it's one step forward to operative efficiency and production costs reduction.

Migration and upgrade
PI System

The service consists of migrating PI System to its most recent version, thus being able to take advantage of the benefits that each version upgrade brings, such as new functionalities in PI AF, PI Vision, security, and other technical aspects.

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Integration to Third Parties

With focus based on IT-OT convergence, this service considers the integration of new information nodes to PI System, as well as from PI to third-party systems such as ERP, LIMS, Advanced Control System, and others.

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Support and Maintenance

With a team of professionals in continuous training in IT-OT areas, we seek to offer a range of support and maintenance services to assist users when they have any issues related to operational continuity in any of their products or services.

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Our Clients

ENAP Tecpetrol Poliresinas TGS UNS

Over 20 years of experience in control, automation and monitoring in oil and gas industry.

We are OsiSoft Partners since 2013.

First Steps:
Understand the technical aspects and functional requirements of the process itself.
Propose a solution for every requirement.
Analyze business or operation impact.
Implementation in site.
Corrections and/or adjustments.

PI System allow us to set up the integration of different production KPIs and adapt the existing process architecture, beside historization and visual representation of the process itself. Since 2013, we trial our clients for the user understanding of the software, and provide them with documentation and functional manuals for technical use.

  • ENAP - Empresa Nacional del Petróleo
    • Upstream Experience:

      - Integration from SCADA In-touch servers to PI System in Cabo Negro - Magallanes - Chile.

      - Implementation of the OSIsoft PI System to integrate data belonging to the telemetry network in Magallanes, gas distribution in Chile.

      - Integration from SCADA i-FIX servers to PI System in Santiago de Chile, for the oil and sub-products balance. Setup of the PI Visualization Suite, with internet access.

    • Upstream Experience:

      - BRM Project - ENAP-SIPETROL in Pampa de Castillo, Argentina. Implementation of the OSIsoft PI System to integrate operation data from different SCADA Servers in every oil deposit for KPIs development. Setup of the PI Vision Visualization Suite.

    • Downstream Experience:

      - Crude oil balance sheet and production inventary in Santiago de Chile. Implementation tool for the Soteica-Yokogawa Tank Management System (S-TMS). The development involved the use PI Visualization Suite for the development of S-TMS data monitoring screens.

    • Downstream Experience:

      - Configuration of PI System AF for the adecuate asset structure for business development of KPIs.

      - Setup of PI Vision and PI ProcessBook screens with acces from inside the company's network.

    • Downstream Experience:

      - Network Laboratory Project - BioBio refinery: Development of the design and assembly of the industrial network and its engineering for integration into the ENAP network and PI System.

      - Implementation of the Laboratory Management System (LIMS). Process management for the standardization of quality control processes of the ENAP supply chain.

  • Environment Quality Control
    Santiago de Chile - Chile

    - Integration to PI System of environment monitoring stations for ENAP.

    - Engineering services development for the adjustment of the monitoring stations at hardware level.

    - Configuration of PI System AF to generate KPIs for monthly air quality.

    - Modeling and setup of the PI Vision Visualization Suite.

    Tecpetrol - Upstream Experience
    Añelo - Neuquén - Argentina

    - Configuration of High Availability Web Services and visualization with PI Vision.

    - Configuration of important events notifications to support operation monitoring.

    - Configuration of PI WEB API service for its integration with Power BI and produce different KPIs for production.

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Laboratory architecture for project development

Our equipped and licenced laboratory allows our professionals to train constantly and so to maintain high skills. A&C uses this advantage for remote assistance in the project when programming, configuration and testing of applications, Data bases and schematics is required. We are proud of efficiency. All our professionals have access to laboratory and its resources, among which are:

  • OSISoft System: PI Server 2017 SP1 + PI AF Server 2017 SP1
  • PI Visualization Suite 2019
  • PI Vision 2019